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CUSCO. The ancient Inca capital nestled high in the Andes, is a city where cobblestone streets wind through centuries-old architecture, and where vibrant markets and rich traditions offer a captivating glimpse into Peru's cultural heritage. Prepare for an enchanting journey through this UNESCO World Heritage site, where history and culture come alive amidst breathtaking mountain vistas.


Cusco is Known For

Inca Heritage

Cusco's Inca heritage, evident in its ancient ruins and the nearby Machu Picchu, preserves the rich history and architectural wonders of the Inca Empire.

Colonial Architecture

Cusco's colonial architecture, characterized by ornate churches and cobblestone streets, showcases the city's Spanish influence and harmonious blend of cultures.

Cultural and Artistic Hub

Cusco, a cultural and artistic hub, radiates creativity and inspiration through its vibrant local art scene, traditional festivals, and indigenous crafts.

Gateway to Machu Picchu

Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu, welcomes adventurers and history enthusiasts to embark on a remarkable journey to the world-famous Inca citadel.

Top Attractions in Cusco

Plaza de Armas

#1 - Plaza de Armas


A historic square surrounded by colonial architecture, vibrant gardens, and a stunning cathedral, serving as the heart of Cusco's cultural life.


#2 - Sacsayhuaman


An impressive Inca fortress featuring massive stone walls, offering panoramic views and insight into ancient engineering marvels.

Cusco Cathedral

#3 - Cusco Cathedral


A grand structure in the Plaza de Armas, showcases stunning colonial architecture and houses an extensive collection of religious art.

Coricancha & Santo Domingo Church

#4 - Coricancha & Santo Domingo Church


A fusion of Incan temple and colonial church, displays remarkable stonework and historical significance.


#5 - Tambomachay


Features ancient Incan aqueducts and baths, known for its finely crafted stonework and serene, ceremonial water flows.

San Blas Temple

#6 - San Blas Temple


A historic church, boasts an intricately carved pulpit and offers stunning views from the charming, artisan-filled San Blas neighborhood.

Pre-Columbian Art Museum

#7 - Pre-Columbian Art Museum


Showcases exquisite ancient artifacts, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and artistry of pre-Columbian civilizations in a beautifully preserved colonial building.

Hatunrumiyoc Street (Inca Walls)

#8 - Hatunrumiyoc Street (Inca Walls)


Boasts impressive Inca walls, marvels of ancient engineering and craftsmanship, adorned with intricately carved stones, including the famous twelve-angled stone, showcasing Inca architectural mastery.

Museo Inka

#9 - Museo Inka


Offers a captivating journey through Inca culture, displaying artifacts, textiles, and ceramics, providing insight into the rich history and traditions of the ancient Andean civilization.

Mercado Central de San Pedro

#10 - Mercado Central de San Pedro


Immerses visitors in a vibrant atmosphere of local culture and flavors, offering a diverse array of fresh produce, handicrafts, and traditional Andean cuisine.

Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary

#11 - Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary


Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary is a wildlife rescue center near Cusco, where visitors can see and learn about native Peruvian animals, including condors and llamas.

Cusco Highlights

Inca Heritage
Cusco was once the capital of the Inca Empire and is known for its rich Inca heritage. The city features impressive stone walls, temples, and ruins, including the famous Sacsayhuaman fortress and the Qorikancha temple.

Machu Picchu Gateway
Cusco serves as the gateway to Machu Picchu, one of the most iconic archaeological sites in the world. Travelers often start their journey to Machu Picchu from Cusco, taking the scenic train ride to Aguas Calientes and then ascending to the citadel.

Historic City Center
Cusco's historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, characterized by colonial architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and charming plazas. The Plaza de Armas is the heart of the city and is surrounded by historic buildings.

Inti Raymi
Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, is a grand celebration in Cusco that reenacts ancient Inca rituals. It takes place annually in June and draws both locals and tourists to witness this colorful and cultural spectacle.

Local Markets
Cusco is known for its vibrant markets, such as the San Pedro Market, where visitors can find local crafts, textiles, and fresh produce. It's a great place to experience Peruvian culture and cuisine.

Traditional Textiles
The city is renowned for its traditional textiles and weaving techniques. Visitors can purchase high-quality alpaca wool products, including sweaters, scarves, and blankets, made by local artisans.

Inca Trail
The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu starts from Cusco and is one of the most famous trekking routes in the world. It offers a challenging yet rewarding journey through breathtaking landscapes.

Cusco is known as the birthplace of quinoa, a nutritious grain that has gained global popularity for its health benefits. It's a staple ingredient in Peruvian cuisine.

Llamas and Alpacas
Cusco is a place to encounter llamas and alpacas, both of which are important animals in the Andean region. Visitors can interact with these gentle creatures and learn about their significance.

Charming Plazas
Beyond the main square, Cusco boasts several picturesque plazas, each with its own character and history. These plazas are great spots to relax, people-watch, and soak in the local atmosphere.

Barrio de San Blas
This historic neighborhood in Cusco is known for its bohemian vibe, artisan workshops, and narrow streets lined with art galleries and craft shops.

Q'eswachaka Bridge
Located near Cusco, the Q'eswachaka Bridge is an ancient Inca rope bridge made from woven grass. It's rebuilt annually by local communities in a traditional ceremony.

Best Time to Visit

May to June

Driest Months

June to August

Wettest Months

September to November