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SALZBURG. The enchanting birthplace of Mozart and backdrop to "The Sound of Music," is a city where Baroque architecture, lush gardens, and classical melodies harmonize in perfect symphony. Explore its picturesque streets, nestled beneath the majestic Alps, and you'll discover a timeless treasure trove of culture and beauty that promises to captivate your heart.


Salzburg is Known For


Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, resonates with the timeless melodies of the musical genius, celebrating his enduring legacy.

The Sound of Music

Forever linked to "The Sound of Music," offers visitors a chance to relive the magic of the beloved movie amid its stunning Alpine landscapes.

Baroque Oldtown

Salzburg's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a picturesque labyrinth of charming streets and historic architecture that transports visitors to a bygone era.

The Alps

Salzburg's breathtaking backdrop of the majestic Alps creates a dramatic setting that beckons outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore its scenic wonders.

Top Attractions in Salzburg

Altstadt (Getreidegasse)

#1 - Altstadt (Getreidegasse)


Salzburg's oldtown, containing several attractions and Getreidegasse, a picturesque shopping street with iconic wrought iron signs.

Hohensalzburg Castle

#2 - Hohensalzburg Castle


Perched above the city with commanding views, this castle is one of the largest and longest standing in Europe.

Mirabell Palace

#3 - Mirabell Palace


Built in 1606, this palace and gardens was made world famous by the Trapp Familiy's 'Do Re Mi'.

Salzburg Cathedral

#4 - Salzburg Cathedral


Located in the heart of the city, 'Salzburger Dom' is a Baroque masterpeice and serves as the city's main cathedral.

Hellbrunn Palace

#5 - Hellbrunn Palace


This palace and gardens are known for their trick fountains and the gazebo used in the Sound of Music.

Mozart's Birthplace

#6 - Mozart's Birthplace


The house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756. Now a museum full of Mozart history.

Salzburg Zoo

#7 - Salzburg Zoo


A zoo featuring more than 1200 animals including Lions, Rhinos and Jaguars.

Hangar 7

#8 - Hangar 7


Hangar 7 displays a number airplanes, helicopters and Formula One racing cars. Also home to a gourmet restaurant.

St Peters Cemetery

#9 - St Peters Cemetery


Petersfriedhof, or St Peter's Cemetery, is a well manicured cemetary facing a sharp cliffside just below the castle.


#10 - Residenzplatz


The main square at the center of Altstadt, Salzburg's Old Town.

Stiegl Brewery

#11 - Stiegl Brewery


Salzburg Highlights

Highlighted by signature dishes of Schnitzel, Goulash and Tafelspitz, hearty dishes are abound. Strudel is also a favorite that can be in either the dessert form or as a main dish. Kaiserschmarrn are 'shredded' pancakes, lightly coated with powdered sugar and often served with berries, apple sauce or another side.

Originating in Salzburg, Mozartkugel is a round chocolate ball filled with pistachio marzipan and nougat.

A sweet soufflé served warm with powdered sugar, and often with a raspberry or cranberry sauce.

It's no secret that Salzburg is centered around music, and being Mozart's hometown, classical music is everywhere. Year round you can find concerts at the Castle, St. Peter Restaurant, Mirabell Palace, Mozarteum and many other great venues throughout the city.

Salzburg is not only the filming location for The Sound of Music but also where the real Trapp family lived. From Mirabell Palace where "Do Re Mi" was filmed, Residenzplatz where Maria sings "I Have Confidence", St. Peter’s Cemetery for the fight scenes, Fesitval House where the Trapp family performs before their escape, to the famous gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace where "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" takes place, and the list goes on. You can take a Sound of Music Tour to appreciate the long list of filming locations.

Salzburg Top Annual Events

An annual event each summer with performances in music, opera and drama. Hundreds of concerts take place as 250,000+ people descend on Salzburg to experience the arts.

The whole city is full of lights and decorations for the Christmas season transforming the city into a fairytale winter wonderland. Salzburger Christkindlmarkt is one of the main attractions which is located on the squares next to the cathedral and Residenz. Hellbrunn Palace, Mirabell square and Hohensalzburg castle also provide amazing experiences. The Krampus and Perchten parades also cant be missed as the evil spirits of winter are scared away by these two folk figures. Just 25 minutes north, in Oberndorf you can visit The Silent Night Memorial Chapel where Silent Night was first performed on December 24, 1818.

In celebraton of Mozart's birthday, Salzburg plays host to an internationally acclaimed concert series. The event takes place on and around January 27.
Best Time to Visit

May to June

Driest Months

July to September

Wettest Months

February to April

Regional Attractions



A cable car ride takes you to the top of the majestic 6473 feet peaks of Untersberg with views of the Salzburg basin.

<center>Berchtesgaden Salt Mine</center>

Berchtesgaden Salt Mine

A 500 year old salt mine tour includes a train ride into the mountain, slides and an illuminated underground Mirror Lake.

<center>Eagles Nest</center>

Eagles Nest

A former Nazi base built on top of a mountain is now converted into a restaurant with sweeping views.

<center>Eisriesenwelt (Ice Caves)</center>

Eisriesenwelt (Ice Caves)

An ice cave near the town of Werfen in the Alps.

<center>Hohenwerfen Castle</center>

Hohenwerfen Castle

A medieval castle built in 1077 sits on a hillside overlooking the Salzach Valley.



The Postcard worthy town of Hallstatt sits on the edge of Hallstätter See, a serene mountain side lake.



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